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Am I the Other?

Conversation, food and a play about integration. An event from Pão a Pão

photo by José Frade / EGEAC

"Am I the Other?" The question that serves as the motto for this meeting at São Luiz is a provocation. But it helps us to question the way we position ourselves in our communities. Portugal presents itself as a country that knows how to host migrants. Is this true? What do immigrants and refugees have to say about it?

On 19 December, from 6pm, we will hear about some of the integration processes, with their barriers, but also the facilities they have found. After the debate, diversity will be celebrated through the cuisines of various parts of the world, with dishes prepared by students from the Mezze Escola project, a catering course for migrants developed by Pão a Pão in partnership with Lisbon's Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo. There will be food from India, Libya, Eritrea, Afghanistan and Ukraine. The meeting ends with the presentation of the show Une Histoire Bizarre, with stories of exile told in the first person, which will be followed by a conversation with the audience.

We'll testify how food can be a bridge for sharing and affirmation of identity and how art is also a starting point for new beginnings.


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