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Are refugees integrated into the labor market?

Employment is a determining factor for the integration of refugees and immigrants. But accessing the labor market is a challenge that cannot always be overcome, making people even more vulnerable. What makes it difficult? How can companies help? And what do they benefit from? The Pão a Pão ONG promotes a debate on June 28th, at 3pm, at Nova SBE, to find out the answers from migrants, academics and employers.

Free entry.

PROGRAM 15:00 The factors that facilitate and hinder the access to employment. What research tells us. SYRIAN BREAD SHOWCOOKING (coffee break) 17:15 The benefits of inclusion for companies.

What the experience of migrants and entrepreneurs tells us.


Nova School of Business and Economics (Cascais Academic Hall, Floor 1, Room B137) n.1 Rua da Holanda, Carcavelos, 2775-405


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