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Porto: Mezze Escola is in town!

After three editions in Lisbon, the catering course that the Pão a Pão Association developed with the support of Turismo de Portugal has now arrived in Porto. The Mezze Escola is now occupying the rooms and kitchens of Porto's Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo, with students coming mainly from Ukraine, but also from other countries.

Mezze Escola is a training program for refugees and immigrants in the restaurant business. We give them tools to improve their technical and social skills and increase their chances of integration. It lasts six months, divided between a theoretical-practical component, taught at the hospitality school, and a practical component in a work context, developed in the Mezze restaurant or in partner restaurants. In a last phase, we'll make a bridge with employers, to allow easier professional internships and job opportunities.

This edition of Mezze Escola is funded by the Prémio BPI Fundação “la Caixa” Solidário 2022.


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