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PAP donates Portuguese manuals to ukranian refugees

Learning the language of the country means more access to employment, services, schools... It also enables the feeling of belonging to the community, and helps creating bonds, and establishing close ties.

Therefore, we went to the Dyvosvit Cultural Centre, at the Pedro Santarém School (in Benfica), where Ukrainian refugees are receiving Portuguese classes, and distributed 285 Portuguese language exercise books and manuals. We heard many "thank you's" and returned many "dyakuyu's" - we also have them to thank for the effort that this whole journey involves.

This donation would not have been possible without the support of nearly two thousand people who participated in our fundraising and Solidarity Concert at the São Luiz Municipal Theatre - which also allowed us to bring to Portugal a family of Ukrainian women who were refugees in Moldova, in a joint operation with OIKOS - Cooperation and Development.

The result of our fundraising doesn't stop there - far from it. We are developing a solid project about which we will give news soon. But we can already say that it will be a very relevant contribution to the integration of refugee people from Ukraine.

We are Hand in Hand with Ukraine.


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